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Aron's Pharmacy & Diner History

Sidney David (Dave) Aron founded Aron’s Pharmacy in 1942. In 1964, Aron’s Pharmacy moved to the iconic location Northeast Louisiana has come to know and love at 1209 N 18th St – it was one of the first buildings on the block! The grill was later established at the back of the pharmacy and has been serving generations of customers since. To this day, Aron’s is a hotspot for Neville high schoolers to grab an after-school burger and shake. The “Monday Lunch Bunch” and the “Coffee Club” still sit around chatting about their golf games and telling stories about the days of old. Carl could often be spotted eating Melba toast topped with honey mustard – his signature snack that patrons came to recognize and even request.

Aron’s Pharmacy & Diner has preserved its historic roots since its opening in the ’60s. The familiar retro environment is aided by vintage displays, classic menu choices, and an embrace of the architecture of its founding era. New owners Ariana and Jay Howell have big plans for this quaint eatery, but the atmosphere and menu customers are familiar with will only be improved upon. Aron’s Pharmacy & Diner will retain its beloved charm with some modern-age upgrades.